Daniela Corcio’s label Ikonostas is a sartorial brand based in Florence, Italy.

Daniela began her experiences in artistic visual communication at the age of 22, having been involved in various projects where she worked with theatre costumes, performances, and installations. Since that time she continuously works as stylist and creative director.

In parallel with her own projects, in 1999 Daniela Corcio started working with Vivienne Westwood, a work that has greatly influenced her thinking on fashion and the understanding of artistic expression in general.

At a certain point, that vision manifested itself in a collection of lingerie, which came about when a world renowned magazine, Linea Intima, noticed several of Daniela’s corsets, which she was making along with other clothing and accessories. The magazine proposed to create a collection of lingerie, an idea in which Daniela embraced willingly, always being ready for a new challenge and interested to experiment in a new field. This collection gave birth to Ikonostas luxury lingerie. In 2010, the magazine listed Daniela Corcio as one of the best eight new lingerie designers in the world. From there, the new designs keep growing.

Daniela approaches design in a rather unusual way. In her work, the sartorial identity and demand for quality unites provocation, irony, and eroticism.