Connection between SOISONG and IKONOSTAS was established in the course of preparations for a specific event that took place in London, UK on September 19th, 2012.

Along with 4 other artists, Ivan Pavlov has been invited to make an ambisonic sound piece for one-day playback at a black rubberized Sound Portal constructed at Trafalgar Square for London Design Festival 2012. The event coincides with the substantially delayed publication of SOISONG SPLIT RELEASE – a record originally intended as a double CDEP, where each of the two members would independently present their vision of the collective’s future sound. Due to the tragically premature demise of Peter Christopherson in 2010, the current release only consists of one half – COH ‘SOISONG’ EP, an octagonal disc coupled with another unplayable black disc intended to symbolize Peter’s contribution and to celebrate his memory. The piece to be displayed at the Sound Portal, AEIVAA II, is an artificial choral which builds upon one of the tracks from the COH ‘SOISONG’ EP.

The collection OTTO OTTAGONI, associated with the release of COH ‘SOISONG’ EP in this year’s London Film Festival in Trafalgar Square,  is being developed as part of the final celebrative activities of SOISONG in 2012, including SOISONG FINAL RUN in Tokyo, Japan on 20.12.2012.