In May 2013 8ttagoni  had the pleasure to support, together with Off Bar, an open air space for live music in Florence, and Wardance,  the organisation of Unhappybirthday’s gig.

These three guys, from Wismar, play a different kind of music compared to the main sound influencing the brand concept, but they have a great personality and talent, so Ikonostas took the opportunity of their journey in Italy to do an experiment.. mixing their personal style with some of her ‘octagons’.

You can see the pictures took by Max Pruneti at this link..

Here below a diary images of their date in Florence.







1. Luggage Set before dpearture

                                                                   Luggage Set .. just few hours before their departure. What to put in.


2. the band in Santa Croce

                  The band in Santa Croce.


3..shooting time

                                                                                                                                         Shooting Time..


4.. backstage shooting


5.. backstage shooting 2

                                                                                          Backstage Shooting _ outside Fortezza da Basso and  at underpass

6. backstage concert


7. backstage concert.. singing in the rain

Soundcheck .. singing in the rain

8. special thanks Off Bar

Special Thanks to Off Bar’ organizer and to 9. logo wardance