8ttagoni in ‘Samurai Girl’

Shirt Ottagono 3 and Jacket Ottagono 7 shot by the great photographer Fulvio Maiani for Loft/Framesi. Alessia Caliendo is the stylist that creates Samurai Girl. Here above the model Ilaria Pozzi (Cover/background picture is just took from the backstage, it has not to be intended as representative of the real work)

8ttagoni Fall/Winter Collection

Wool, cashmere and cupro are the fibers used for this Fall/Winter Collection. Green, blue and grey evoke the nature scenario, the wild.. trees, grass, water and stones. Black is the colour of meditation, the inner self behind voluminous jackets, trousers and gilet with draped details. Leather and wool yarns are hand woven by the designer [...]

Rudi Gernreich patterns

Looking around I discovered this picture of Peggy Moffitt.. is it perhaps time to be inspired by this graphic pattern?

Graphic Drafts

Some of the graphic drafts developed with the help of Vladimir Makhalov

Octagons in Art _ Max Bill

Fifteen Variations on a Single Theme, v. 14, 1938 Max Bill produced his series Fifteen Variations on a Single Theme from mind, rule, compass, and traditional drawing instruments. Somes of 7 scarions (1967) this portfolio contains 7 original screenprints, signed and numbered 1 to 100 40 x 40 cm Serigrafia a 4 cores / 76 x 56 cm

Unhappybirthday wearing 8ttagoni

In May 2013 8ttagoni  had the pleasure to support, together with Off Bar, an open air space for live music in Florence, and Wardance,  the organisation of Unhappybirthday’s gig. These three guys, from Wismar, play a different kind of music compared to the main sound influencing the brand concept, but they have a great personality and [...]